Official Welcome Reception for the Dominican Delegation in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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CRESO and the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), hosted an official gathering to welcome the Dominican delegation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Felipe Vicini, chairman of CRESO, exhorted all athletes to overcome all challenges to make their dreams a reality, setting as example the case of Jesse Owens in Berlin 80 years ago, or Félix Sánchez, just four years ago in London.

Luguelín Santos, standard-bearer in the Rio Games, cheered his fellow athletes to fight all the way to victory and thanked for the support received by all high-performance athletes sponsored by CRESO.

This is the third time that CRESO hosts official activities for the athletes, given that last year, a similar gathering took place, on occasion of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, as well for the London 2012 Olympics.

Creando Sueños Olímpicos (CRESO) is a non-profit organization that invests in the sports and academic development of high-performance Dominican athletes, with Olympic potential, aiming to position the Dominican Republic among the main sports scenarios worldwide. Through their support, CRESO aims to develop model leaders and citizens. Currently, CRESO sponsors over eighty (80) Dominican athletes among fifteen (15) disciplines.

CRESO is sponsored by nine leading business organizations, all of them have merged efforts in favor of sports and Dominican athletes; these companies are: Banco Popular Dominicano, Central Romana Corporation, Claro, FERQUIDO, Grupo Rica, Grupo SIS, Grupo Universal, INICIA and Total.


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