A new social impact investment fund was launched to improve the quality of Dominican education

SANTO DOMINGO. – With the same DNA the family runs on and then Grupo Vicini by evolving into INICIA in a process that seeks to adapt the firm’s goals in asset management by centering their focus on talent and information.

If all family companies were founded in a time when the economy relied on agriculture and grew at the same speed of the industry, INICIA assumes right now a guidance of efforts towards the field of education and information.

In few words, the INICIA chairman Felipe Vicini, explained the reasons and moments for this step to formalize, also, on some expansion plans in the NOLA zone where they will grow as an asset management fund through partnerships with sector-specific partners.

The Funds to be managed hereinafter by INICIA cover sectors such as Energy and Industry, Financial Services, Real Estate and Tourism, Food and Beverage and Asset Recovery. Now a new fund, specifically targetered towards working and contributing to improving the quality of education. In the words of Amelia Vicini, “Because investing in education is profitable”.

INICIA Education: Amelia Vicini, one of the main promoters for this fund, pointed out the need to work from the private sector with all initiatives and goals of the public sector. She highlighted the need to invest with a vision of sustainability and seek social impact through education where not only a better financial return is rendered, but also a more equal-minded society, that is both innovative and entrepreneurial”. Now is the time to start seeking investors interested in this -not only financial- outcome, but more especially, social.

Source: Diario Libre


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