Amelia Vicini stated they will begin a round a visits to potential investors to present the model for this fund, “we believe in the social return education provides, because we know that a better educated country improves in its indicators for equality, equity, stability and socio-economic development.”

INICIA went public with its new Education and Social Impact Fund, INICIA Education, whose investments are made with the sole aim to create positive social impact, measurable through a series of self-sustainable management criteria. Through the initiative, a series of initiatives have been underway to strengthen the Dominican educational system, aiming to improve the educational quality indicators in the nation.

During a breakfast meeting held with the leading media commentators and press, Amelia Vicini mentioned that they will begin a round of visitations to potential investors in order to present the business model for this fund. “We believe in the social return of education, because we are certain that a country that is better educated, improves in its equality, institutionalization, stability and socio-economic development indicators”, Amelia Vicini said.

With the backing by new investors, INICIA Education will strengthen the implementation of strategic projects in which it has been working on alongside both the public and private sectors, with the core vision of promoting structural reforms that impact all educational system indicators in the D.R.-

Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Firm, also announced its relaunching as INICIA. He explained the decision was made based on the vision the fund has for educational investments. “We inverted the surname VICINI to make way for INICIA, a name that reflects our legacy, and at the same time represents our evolution in asset management” Vicini expressed.

Both Felipe and Amelia Vicini emphasized that INICIA is committed to creating long-term value in favor of developing the Dominican Republic and the Region.



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