Vicini family announces new investment fund will strengthen education

Vicini family announces new investment fund will strengthen education

Juan, Felipe, Amelia and José Leopoldo Vicini

The Vicini family formally launched yesterday the new investment fund destined to solidifying the Dominican educational system, during a meeting held with the press where they also announced the relaunching of the VICINI brand as INICIA.

Felipe Vicini, chairman of the firm, informed that by way of INICIA Education, a series of action plans have been designed and developing to improve the schooling and quality indicators in the country’s educational system.

Vicini expressed that they have found great receptiveness in the public sector, which has begun to provide good results. Among those results, he pointed out a change in the contracting methods used to hire faculty staff, and greater efforts in improving the quality of teachers.

During a breakfast meeting held with the main media commentators and members, Amelia Vicini, one of the main promoters for INICIA Education, said they will begin a round of visitations to potential investors to present the business model for this fund. “We believe in the social return on education, because we know that a better educated country improves in its indicators for equity, equality, institutionalization and socio-economic development”, Vicini said.

With the backing by these new investors, INICIA Education will begin to solidify the implementation of strategic projects in which they’ve been working on alongside both the public and private sectors, always with the goal of promoting structural reforms to impact on the Dominican Republic’s educational system indicators.

Source: Hoy


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