Vicini Assured DR Can Be the Ideal Recipient of Foreign Investments

Vicini Assured DR Be Ideal Recipient of Foreign Investments

To Vicini, the country represents a very attractive market to attract foreign capital, due to the return rates available adjusted to risk. Also he expressed that the asset management firm he runs, VICINI, is an ideal partner to make said investments, and help boost their regionalization.

During his participation as speaker in the international forum “Invest in the Dominican Republic”, organized by the CEI-RD, the businessman presented several successful examples of foreign investments made through VICINI in the country, in different economic sectors.

Among them he cited the investment made by Colacem from Italy to establish the modern Domicem cement plant in the Dominican Republic. Also the partnership with Pinewood Group, from the United Kingdom, for the construction of the most modern film and television studios of the region, Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios; also the merger with Gerdau from Brazil, to combine operations between INCA and Metaldom, to form Gerdau Metaldom as a leading steel producer in Central America and the Caribbean.

Likewise, the investment made by Grupo Sura from Colombia, to purchase Proseguros thanks to a proper asset management conducted by VICINI after the successful spin off from Grupo Progreso. He added another important investment worth mentioning, the investment made by Grupo Nutresa from Colombia to purchase and take over the operation of Helados Bon.

The businessman explained the business model VICINI uses to advise all potential investors interested in the best practices and investment formulas in the Dominican Republic. VICINI operates through specialized agents focused on the Northern Latin America region, hence developing and promoting long-term value investments for investors, clients, partners and associates.

The firm currently features four investment platforms: Energy & Industry, Financial Services, Food & Beverages, and Tourism & Real Estate, headquartered in the Dominican Republic, with presence in Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and Panama.

Source: Hoy


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