VICINI becomes INICIA and announces investment fund

VICINI becomes INICIA and announces investment fund

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. –  Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner of VICINI, announced today the new name for the asset management firm which hereinafter shall be known as “INICIA” and also announced their new Social Impact and Education Fund, INICIA Education. Felipe Vicini explained that the decision was inspired in the vision for social impact the educational investment fund has.

“We inverted VICINI to make way for INICIA, a name that reflects our legacy and, at the same time our evolution in asset management”, Vicini said. He expressed the group’s investments seek to cause “positive social impact, measure based on self-sustainable management criteria”. Vicini also informed that they’ve been developing a series of initiatives called to strengthen the Dominican educational system with aims to improve the educational indicators and quality of education in the country. During a breakfast meeting with the media and commentators, Amelia Vicini, one of the main promoters of INICIA Education said that they will begin visitation rounds to potential investors in order to present the business model for this fund.

“We believe in a social return on education, because we know that a better educated nation improves in its equality, institutionalization, stability and socio-economic development indicators”, Vicini affirmed. She also mentioned that with the backing by new investors, INICIA Education will strengthen the implementation of strategic projects in which they have been working with the public and private sector, always with the vision of promoting structural reforms to impact the main educational indicators in the Dominican Republic.

The group’s investment funds are co-managed by specialized partners. “Some of these Funds are: Energy & Industry, managed by Putney Capital Management; Financial Services, managed by Agrega Partners; Real Estate & Tourism managed by TERRA RD Partners; Asset Recovery by DAF Management; INICIA Education by INICIA Education Partners; and Food & Beverages by IBS Investment Management”, so stated the business group executives.

Both Felipe and Amelia Vicini emphasized that INICIA is committed to creating long-term value in favor of developing the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Region. “INICIA is the ideal partner for investors that wish to grow in time within NOLA and leave a legacy for future generations”.

Source: 7dias


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