Olympic Athletes will be checked for COVID-19 symptoms in CEDIMAT

Olympic Athletes will be checked for COVID-19 symptoms in CEDIMAT - Felipe Vicini

Luisiín Mejía (center) and Felipe Vicini (second clockwise) headed the event that initialled the agreement.

The Centro de Diagnóstico, Medicina Avanzada y Telemedicina (CEDIMAT) and the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) signed an agreement establishing the free access to COVID-19 PCR Tests.

Thanks to the initiative headed by the private sector through the Private Enterprise Council (CONEP) and Sanar una Nación, where most of the CRESO partner companies are members: INICIA, Grupo Rica, Popular and Universal, more than 300 PCR test kits were donated to CEDIMAT aiming to aid counteract the side effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Olympic Athletes will be checked for COVID-19 symptoms in CEDIMAT - Felipe Vicini

As per the terms underwritten, the Dominican Olympic Committee will help identity the athletes that require PCR testing, and CRESO will coordinate alongside CEDIMAT for the athletes to access these test kits, abiding by all mandated healthcare protocols.

The agreement was underwritten by Milagros Ureña from CEDIMAT, Felipe Vicini from Creso, and Luisín Mejía from the COD, witnessed by Anyarlene Bergés from INICIA, Manuel Luna from CRESO, Elias Dinzey of Fundación Popular, and Wenceslao Soto from Grupo RICA, Christy Luciano from Universal and Leyla Alfonso of Grupo SID.

Ureña expressed that “it is CEDIMAT’s mission to enable its medical center at the service of the most important healthcare causes, that can aid with reactivating competitive spots the soonest. Meanwhile, Vicini and Mejía thanked Sanar una Nación for donating these PCR test kits to the Dominican sports environment, so that athletes can recommence their training and compete under greater and safer health conditions.

“If we join forces we can move on sooner and begin competing, to make our nation proud; that’s why it is key for the private sector to join in on initiatives of this nature, which help our sports federations to rekindle their activities under safer conditions”, so said Luisín Mejía, COD Chairman. The PCR Test Kits will be available immediately in CEDIMAT, and the federations that can identify potentially infected patients, will only need to contact the COD to begin the process of testing the atheltes.

Source: https://www.diariolibre.com


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