Luis Abinader and Felipe Vicini will open this Wednesday the 5th Congress of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America

Luis Abinader and Felipe Vicini will open this Wednesday the 5th Congress of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America

May 29, 2022

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO. – The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader and the INICIA managing partner, Felipe A. Vicini, will inaugurate the 5th Congress of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America, whose title is “Innovation and Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty”.

The chairwoman of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America (Ceapi), Núria Vilanova, indicated that preparations are in place for the event to be held on Wednesday, June 1 and Thursday, June 2 in Punta Cana.

Vilanova stated that during the congress Ibero-American businessmen will analyze the current state of economic, commercial, business and investment affairs in the region.

He also highlighted that this is the first time that the Ceapi Congress is held outside of Spain, where presidents of leading companies, business families from Ibero-America and institutional leaders will focus on the challenges and opportunities faced by Ibero-America in times of uncertainty.

Luis Abinader and Felipe Vicini will open this Wednesday the 5th Congress of the Business Council Alliance for Ibero-America 1
Núria Vilanova and Moisés González Peña (Photo: External source)

Why was the DR chosen to host the 5th edition of CEAPI?

“We have chosen the Dominican Republic to host the 5th Congress of CEOs of Ibero-American family-owned businesses and, in our opinion, there is no other venue to hold this Congress, the first to be held outside of Spain, other than this country, after the terrible crisis we have lived through because of COVID, the consequences of inflation and the impact on raw materials that we are now experiencing. We believe it is a key moment to talk about challenges and opportunities in times of uncertainty,” said Núria Vilanova, interviewed by Moisés González Peña, journalist of Despertar Nacional.

Núria Vilanova highlighted the Dominican Republic’s leadership in tourism and the recovery of the Dominican Republic’s economy and the future opportunities it has alongside the free trade zone sector as well as its geostrategic position.

“I believe that the Dominican Republic is in the spotlight for many reasons. On the one hand it is a leader in the tourism sector and tourism will be key in the recovery, but it will also be key in the innovation of tourism towards an impact it already has, but even greater in the country’s society and with an increasing environmental commitment,” she said.

She added that environmental commitment is “one of the things that has completely vanished around the world; it’s all about logistics and raw materials. Again, I think the important strategic position of the Dominican Republic and its free trade zones are an opportunity, but we cannot forget the best thing about the Dominican Republic – the relationships they build”.

Vilanova coincidió con lo expresado esta semana por el ministro de Industria, Comercio y Mipymes de que la celebración del Congreso Empresarial Iberoamericano en Punta Cana es una muestra fehaciente de la recuperación de la economía dominicana.


Núria Vilanova highlighted the expectations for this event, which seeks to boost investments and corporate social participation in Ibero-America.

“Relationships are built from people to people who sign off on them. It is not the companies that sign off. An agreement is reached between the CEO of one company and the CEO of another, and the best thing about the Dominican Republic is its businessmen. We hope that in this meeting where company CEOs from Ibero-America will come, new initiatives for the country will emerge, new projects of social commitment, greater involvement of the younger generations of families and of course, also of women. By the way, this will be the scenario in which we will present six awards to six great Latin American women”, she emphasized.

Doing more for Latin America

The Congress, which in the words of Ceapi’s chairwoman, Núria Vilanova, “aims to make more of Ibero-America, by developing Ibero-American companies that, with their growth, their investments, their innovation and the creation of new opportunities, are generating wealth and better jobs”, will be held over two days at the Punta Cana Resort & Club. The event will be attended by numerous business leaders and important institutional representatives from the region.

The central importance of innovation, digitalization and technology in driving sustained and sustainable growth in Ibero-America, and the significance and opportunities created by new business models will be the focus of the event. The panels will examine the future scenarios facing Ibero-America, including topics for debate such as the creation of value for people, who are more than ever the focus of companies; new challenges in the technology sector; renewable energies and sustainable infrastructure; responsible mining; the future of tourism; the challenges of entrepreneurship; progress in gender equality, race and diversity policies; and new business trends.

Promoting synergies and business opportunities

Many of these proposals will be materialized in the Business Roundtables, thematic executive meetings that will be held behind closed doors, with the maximum confidentiality, with the purpose of promoting mutual knowledge, boosting synergies and opening new business opportunities.

On the evening of May 31, CEAPI will welcome attendees with a cocktail dinner. This will be followed by round table discussions on June 1 and 2, and a final dinner will be held on each of these days. During the opening dinner on June 1, the winner of this year’s Enrique V. Iglesias Award will be honored. The Colombian Jaime Gilinski, president and owner of Gilinski Group, will receive this year’s award.

The closing dinner on June 2 will recognize the key role of women entrepreneurs with the slogan “Women, Business and Leadership”. On June 3, attendees will be able to enjoy a golf tournament and lunch, and on Saturday, June 4, there will be guided tours to the Punta Cana Foundation and the Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve.



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