INICIA publishes book: Ancestral Flavors

INICIA publishes book: Ancestral Flavors - Felipe Vicini

The inception of a nation’s flavors forms part of that nation’s identity. Ours has been depicted in the recently published book on Dominican Gastronomy “Sabores Ancestrales” (Ancestral Flavors), published by the asset management company, INICIA.

The work contains the recipes of 18 collaborating chefs, all of them whom invested their talent and creativity to exalt Dominican creole cuisine, whose roots sprout from Taino, Spanish and African legacies, hence becoming a reference ideal to convey to present and future generations, as was expressed by Felipe Vicini, Managing Partner of INICIA.

The foreword was written by renowned historian Hugo Tolentino Dipp, whom considered the work as the first-ever encyclopedia on traditional Hispaniolan food.

Among the collaborating chefs were: Carlos J. Estévez, Alberto Martin, Noemí Díaz, Giancarlo Bonarelli, Ciro Casola, Mikey Faxas, Paulette Tejeda, Diana Munné, Severo Stassi, Solange Cid, Ana Marranzini, Leandro Díaz, Emil Vega, Inés Páez, Martin Omar, Dévaki Pratt, María Marte and mixologist Ramón Acevedo.

The book launch was a culinary masterpiece, hosted at the Embassy Garden of the Hotel El Embajador, where special recognition was made to the trajectory and contributions issued by the pioneers of Dominican gastronomy: Chef Mike Mercedes, Mercedes “Chea” Manzano de Ortíz, Ligia Vidal- Bornia, Adria Vidal- Mañón, Esperanza Peña-Lithgow, Silvia Henríquez- Pou, Socorro Castellanos, Eugenia Rojo, Juancho Ortíz, Jacqueline Henriquez, and Amanda María Ornes-Perelló.


INICIA is a private equity firm with thorough experience in the NOLA region, which developed an investment model that lures in distinctive talent, with the aim to create value through sustainable, specialized and diversified investment funds.



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