INICIA presents “Postales de Nuestra Memoria”

felipe-vicini-INICIA presents Postales de Nuestra Memoria

Photo: Alfredo Pacheco, Milagros Germán, Eduardo Estrella, Raquel Arbaje de Abinader, Felipe Vicini and Milton Ray Guevara.

December 13, 2021

Santo Domingo, DR

INICIA representatives presented “Postales de nuestra Memoria: República Dominicana (1889-1945)”, a book that covers more than 50 years of the country’s urban, commercial and cultural history through a narrative illustrated with Dominican postcards.

In his welcoming remarks, Felipe Vicini, managing partner of the firm, recalled the essence of the INICIA Collection, the compendium of publications of the firm for over a decade that creatively presents the great treasures of Dominicans, which has resulted in ten innovative pieces, as a cultural and historical contribution to the country.

Felipe Vicini said that “Postales de nuestra Memoria: República Dominicana (1889-1945)” is a conversation between the Dominican past, its challenges, its achievements and the people who lived them, and the design of a future that we are all working on today”.

He added that “Looking at our history through this book is to understand that we are in the middle of a journey and that we have not yet reached our destination. It means being able to value the transformations that we have achieved in this period of time and to identify those that are still pending as a society.”

During the meeting, the Minister of Culture, Milagros Germán, highlighted the great cultural value of this publication: “It is a wonderful starting point for similar research to complete our historical and emotional memory through the visual arts.”


Germán said that the Ministry is committed to joining efforts for research and the dissemination of the country’s history, indicating that public and private alliances for collaboration, coordination and the pursuit of objectives are the ideal mechanism.



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