INICIA opens photo exhibit for gold medal athletes

Inicia abre una exposición fotográfica de atletas ganadores de medallas - Felipe Vicini

INICIA, the asset management firm, inaugurated the photo exhibit “Glories: Going for the Gold” and “The Inclusion Games”, hosted in the Parque Independencia of the Olde City of Santo Domingo.

The inauguration of the expo was headed by the chairman and managing partner of INICIA, Felipe Vicini, and the chairman of the Dominican Olympic Committee, Luisín Mejía, joined by Anibal Portorreal, Deputy Minister of Sports and Santo Domingo Mayor David Collado, featuring attendance by renowned sports figures, including some of the Olympic and Pan-American medalists from the Dominican Republic.

Vicini pointed out that this expo is a tribute to the efforts of hundreds of Dominican men and women that have gone above and beyond to make sure the Dominican Republic feels proud of its talent.

“Our Olympic athletes, and our Paralympic athletes, are an example of the struggles against adversity; this must drive us forward to continue achieving our goals and making our dreams come true”, the executive said.

The expo is based on the book “Glories: Going for the Gold” and the Agenda “The Inclusion Games”, which INICIA edited last year, and featuring production by Ricardo Piantini Hazoury, as well as text by Dionisio Soldevila and Nathanael Pérez. . Both editions are available online on the website:

Mayor David Collado headed the tour of the expo, where all Dominican Olympic medalists feature their portrait, with a legend highlighting their achievements throughout their sports career, as well as some of the most renowned figures at Pan-American and Central-American level.

Source: Hoy


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