Impulsa Forum by Banco Popular Gathers Over 1,000 SMEs

Impulsa Forum by Banco Popular Gathers over 1,000 SMEs

EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- Businessmen Felipe Vicini, executive chairman of INICIA; Marcial Najri, EVP of Grupo Najri, and Manuel A. Grullón, chairman of Banco Popular and Grupo Popular, hosted a conference on the keys to leadership and the challenges the business world faces today, before an attending audience of 1500+ SMEs, during the 4th Edition of the IMPULSA Business Forum, hosted by Banco Popular Dominicano.

Created to serve as an annual rendezvous for the Dominican SME sector, on occasion of this new edition of the Impulsa Business Forum, the guest speakers presented their key principles in business management, their entrepreneurial spirit, and their long-term vision, elements that have allowed their corporations to transcend in time, and consolidate leader positions.

Passion for your work, the best team and business ethics

In this sense, during his dissertation, Mr. Manuel Grullón, exhorted the audience to work with love and passion, to ensure collaborator engagement, to surround themselves with the best teams, seek guidance from mentors and advisors, learn each day to analyze their environment and innovate, creating companies that are human, where its staff follows in the footsteps of ethics and values in both business and everyday life.

The Banco Popular and Grupo Popular chairman also stressed on the importance of making analysis-based decisions, with calculated risks, but at the same time making room for intuition. “If our intuition doesn’t tell us the same that our mind does, when we must delay the final decision until the two are in harmony. We need to be careful when making decisions, we need to put a safety belt on risk”, Grullón ensured

Sacrifice, perseverance and long-term goals

During his presentation, Marcial M. Najri, stressed to all SMEs, that the business and personal success are “the result of sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, savings and family unity”, applied to “a long-term vision of reaching and surpassing goals”.

Source: El Nuevo Diario


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