Felipe Vicini, regarded highly by athletes

Felipe Vicini, regarded highly by athletes-Franklin Mirabal

May 31, 2022

I recently had a brief conversation with Felipe Vicini, chairman of the CRESO (Creating Olympic Dreams) program.

I loved his vision of what an athlete needs and what that athlete subsequently represents for his family, his people and the country.

Vicini‘s love for athletes began when he was able to attend international events and experienced what it means to compete at the highest level. But that’s when he realized that athletes needed “A little more“, and that’s when CRESO was created. Investing in athletes is the same as investing in the welfare of the youth.

One of the most exciting feelings is when a Dominican athlete wins abroad and the national anthem is played. That raises the Dominican spirit to the highest level as well as the commitment to support those athletes even more.

Vicini, like the other businessmen who are part of CRESO, are not looking for anything in Sports other than to make a contribution in favor of the athletes.

Felipe Vicini, regarded highly by athletes
Felipe Vicini

CRESO is not just about meeting the basic needs of athletes, the drive is bigger than that. It is about a vision of creating the best scenarios for athletes by promoting the values of integration, self-improvement, role models for society, preparation and union.

In recent days, Vicini was awarded by Panam Sports because CRESO is now a sports model to be followed worldwide.

One of the things that stands out is that CRESO collected information on everything an athlete needed and they deliver in full.

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FRANKLIN MIRABAL has been HOY newspaper’s Sports Editor for 26 years.

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