Danilo asks Leones del Escogido to win for two reasons

Danilo asks Leones del Escogido to win for two reasons

The President requested they win the 20th Championship crown so they don’t allow themselves be tied in the total of championed series as host country.

President Medina is clear of the responsibility he has bestowed in the Leones del Escogido, in the Caribbean Baseball Series, set to open on Monday in the Estadio Quisqueya Juan Marichal. The President, a declared follower of the scarlet-colored team, took advantage of the visit by the new winter champions to the National Palace, to whom he delivered the National Flag, to express that “in their hands solely rests the commitment of wining their 20th country championship crown”.

“It is quite an honor to deliver the National Flag to the champion team, the Leones del Escogido, now the Dominican Republic Team. Our purpose is for this flag to be held high and along the path to give the D.R its 20th championship crown, and that responsibility befalls on the team”, Medina indicated, while aiming his gaze on Escogido Manager, Luis Rojas, whom received the tri-color standard. Medina didn’t only exhort this request, he also behested the team champion on national soil. “So this is your second responsibility”. “The series is 5-4, DON’T Let it tie”, Medina emphasized. The D.R has hosted 9 Caribbean Series championships since 1972, winning 5 of them, 3 by Licey (1980, 2004 and 2008) and 2 by Escogido (1988 and 2012).

I prefer to watch it on the T.V.- Once all protocol concluded, the journalists covering the event asked President Medina about the possibility of attending one of the Caribbean Series games. His answer was brief: “No”, he said. “I’d rather watch it on TV”. The presidential box of the Estadio Quisqueya was completely remodeled as part of the works the old stadium underwent for the traditional baseball classic, which gathers as well, the champions from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Source: El Caribe


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