CRESO announces new partner, RIZEK CACAO, a Grupo Rizek company, joins the organization to support high-performance athletes

CRESO Welcomes Grupo Rizek as New Partner - Felipe Vicini

CRESO announced the joining of RIZEK CACAO, a Grupo Rizek company, as new investment partner, hence expanding its action radius, as the key vehicle promoting high-performance sports in the private sector.

This company, now a CRESO member, totals 10 private partner entities which support the program, that since 2010, invests in the athletic and academic development of over 90 high-performance athletes.

“To CRESO, it is an honor to announce the joining of another leading company”, so said Felipe Vicini, CRESO Chairman, whom assured that it is proof of how the private sector is more driven each day towards supporting the development of national leaders through sports and education, so they can become the perfect addition the State needs in all sports-related investments.

Meanwhile, Samir Rizek assured that RIZEK CACAO has always admired the sports initiatives that drive our country forward, therefore confirming how proud they feel to join CRESO. “We are convinced that through sports, we can aim towards creating a better nation, and our athletes are the right people to positively influence society, thus they are our best ambassadors abroad, and that is why we invited other leading companies to join in on initiatives like CRESO, so that we can all contribute towards this land we love”, Rizek said.

Luisín Mejía, Chairman of the Dominican Olympic Committee, pointed out that by including RIZEK CACAO in CRESO, this a great sign of support for the upcoming Olympic cycle, whose main challenge this year, are the Central American Games in Barranquilla.

“If other companies join CRESO, we will have a better outcome in Barranquilla, then in Lima 2019, and Tokyo 2020”, Mejia stated, speaking as a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Now, with RIZEK CACAO as part of CRESO, there are 10 investor companies: CENTRAL ROMANA CORPORATION, CLARO, FERQUIDO, INICIA, BANCO POPULAR DOMINICANO, GRUPO RICA, SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DOMINICANA, TOTAL DOMINICANA and UNIVERSAL, alongside the Dominican Olympic Committee, as the technical sports organization.



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