Creso launches new job program for athletes

Santo Domingo

The CRESO program has launched a new job market insertion program for all member athletes, thus seeking to help them develop a successful career life, after their athletic career comes to an end.

Since its inception, one of CRESO’s main goals has been for athletes to attain a college education that will allow them to penetrate the job market once their athletic careers end.

The job insertion program is aimed at all member athletes that are within their final studies phase or close to graduating and whom are available for internships, or within the final stages of their athletic career, so that they can begin their insertion in a full-time job position.

“This is the third core pillar of CRESO: We have covered everything regarding their athletic development through the support we offer them to compete, we have also covered the educational aspect, by way of the scholarships we grant them, and now, we will cover their post-athletic career, using this job insertion program as a tool”, so explained Felipe Vicini, CRESO chairman.

The businessman added “what we aim is for their athletic leadership, to transform into professional leadership, and so we will continue to drive positive impact towards our nation’s development, and we will see how a sports glory can possibly become a business leader or head of an NGO”.

As was explained, the program features an aptitude test, which is performed with each athlete, to then develop a professional profile, presented alongside their CV, and the results of the above-mentioned assessment to the CRESO member companies, as well as to other potential companies where said profile can represent an asset”.

The program kicked off with a pilot comprising 17 athletes of which, two have already completed their assessments, and are in process of insertion in the job market.

INICIA’s Human Resources Department, as a CRESO member company, organized the program under which all CRESO member companies: Central Romana Corporation, Claro, Banco Popular, Ferquido, Grupo Universal, Grupo SID, Grupo Rica, Total, and Rizek have joined to support the program. The athletic evaluations are being carried out with the support of Multiplicity.

CRESO currently sponsors 100 active athletes, and 96 former athletes, whom are being contacted, so they can form part of the job market insertion program.


About CRESO:

CRESO is a non-profit organization that consists of the Dominican business community that invests in the development of a high-performance olympic athletic platform, accompanied by academic training of the athletes. VICINI, together with the Dominican Olympic Committee, is responsible for creating CRESO and achieving the involvement of 9 other leading companies that also invest in this program.


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