Creso Athletes Wow the Crowd in Taipei

Creso Athletes Wow the Crowd in Taipei - Felipe Vicini

The World University Games “Universiada Taipei 2017” (*Collegelympics) also known as the “University Olympic Games,” wrapped on Wednesday with a well-praised performance by the Dominican Republic, winning 18th place among all participating countries, surpassing Hispanic-American superpowers such as Brazil, Spain, Jamaica and Colombia.

The CRESO Program congratulated the delegation, which won a total of 6 medals, 4 of them gold and 2 silver.

“For us, the most important thing is to help our athletes build their Olympic dreams, and see how all their medals were won by member athletes, and that fills us with pride,” said Manuel Luna, executive director to CRESO.

The CRESO athletes that championed in Taipei were: Audrys Nin, for gymnastics; Luguelín and Juander Santos, each of them on track and field; Luis Charles who co-championed with the Santos brothers on the 4 x 400 in track and field. Beatríz Pirón and Luis García, both won silver on weightlifting.

“This is the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic cycle, and we’re already on the right track. Now, the Bolivarian Games, the Central American Games and the Pan-American Games of 2017, 2018 and 2019. If we work together with the Sports Ministry and the Dominican Olympic Committee in a strategic manner, we can achieve an amazing outcome,” Luna concluded.


CRESO is a non-profit entity, which invests in the athletic development of Dominican athletes, combined with an academic education. Its chairman is businessman Felipe Vicini, who praised the work of these athletes at the University Olympic Games of Taipei and exhorted them to continue pursuing success.

The  CRESO  investor companies are Banco Popular, Central Romana Corporation, Claro, Ferquido, Grupo RICA, Grupo SID, Total Dominicana, Universal and INICIA.


The next Dominican delegation appointment is scheduled for the Bolivarian Games, set to take place in Santa Marta, Colombia, from November 11th to the 25th, and next year, the Central American Games, also to be hosted in Colombia, on July 19th till August 3rd, 2018.



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