Felipe A. Vicini Lluberes

Felipe Vicini is a Dominican businessman and Managing Partner of INICIA, an asset management firm with operations in the NOLA market and headquartered in Santo Domingo.

He studied at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA, and since the age of 16 worked in the film industry where he became producer and director, later returning to the Dominican Republic, where his entrepreneurial career began.

Felipe Vicini heads INICIA’s Strategy & Investment Committee and is member of several management committees. Likewise, he chairs and is member of several Boards in many of the most renowned companies in the country.

In addition to his business duties, Vicini is the founder of Creando Sueños Olímpicos (CRESO), a non-profit organization, which invests in the education and training of high-performance Dominican athletes, and is also a member of the BARNA Board of Trustees, as well as other NGOs.

Managing Partner at INICIA
President of CRESO Board of Directors
Member of Barna Management School’s Academic Business Counsel

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