BARNA seeks for education to be aimed at development


Event. The graduates completed their MBAs and specialty degrees

Santo Domingo. The bond university-business promoted by Barna Business School was once again praised with the graduation ceremony hosted by the business school, during which Fabeka Lebrón, Dean of the entity, made reference to the imperative that higher learning be aimed towards business improvement and of the managerial team running the business.

Lebrón indicated that Barna, as a specialized business school, bases their methodology in the sole belief that “the value of a company is the value of its staff”, from there the goal to transform the leadership skills of those heading the company, with views aimed at a sustainable development within society.

The speech addressed to the 141 graduates in Masters Degrees and to 87 MBAs, was headed by Alvaro Martínez-Echavarría, director of the Stock Exchange Studies Institute of Madrid, Spain. Entrepreneurs Celso J. Marranzini and Luis D. Viyella, were invested as new members of the Business Academic Council (CAE) of the Barna Business School, strategic support entity of the schools, which liaises the academia and business world.

Fabeka Lebrón, Dean, Felipe Vicini and Lawrence Hazoury, Barna regents, delivered the medals and plaques to the new accredited members.

Barna Business School was founded in 1999, and already in its 13-year history it has trained over 1,000 graduates in academic programs of diverse duration. The Barna Academics and Businessmen Board is formed by Ligia Bonetti, Manuel Díez Cabral, Ignacio Guerra, Lawrence Hazoury, Carlos Guilermo León Nouel, Felipe Pagés, Héctor José Rizek, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Copello, José Ernesto Sánchez Bergés, Carlos Valiente, Felipe Vicini, Fabeka Lebrón, Celso Marranzini, Carlos Jacks, Luis Viyella, Francisco Javier Bernal, Fernando Ferrán, Alvaro Martínez-Echevarría, Joan Francesc Pont and José Ramón Pin.



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